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Prusa i3 Documentation
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Prusa i3

Release status: working

Prusa i3 is a design by Josef Prusa.
CAD Models
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La i3 Prusa (iterazione 3) è la più nuova e recente stampante 3D RepRap Sviluppata da Prusajr (josef prusa). La i3 incorpora lezioni apprese dai precedenti due modelli Prusa, così come altri popolari disegni RepRap moderni. Vedere anche Prusa Mendel (iteration 2).

Infobox info icon.svg.png Derivate
La Prusa i3 è un disegno molto popolare che ha portato molte persone a creare derivati di essa​​. Elenchiamo questi derivati ​​nella Categoria: Category: Prusa i3 Derivate. Controllare la pagina delle varianti della prusa i3, e anche la pagina di sviluppo prusa i3



  Single Sheet Frame Box Frame
Parti in plastica (senza estrusore) 26 29
parti non stampate (approsimativo.) 337 293
Costo (EUR) €300-1000 €300-$800
Scheda Electronica Quasi tutti RepRap Quasi tutti RepRap
Grandezza di stampa (mm) 200 x 200 x 200 200 x 200 x 270
Motori 5 x NEMA 17 Stepper 5 x NEMA 17 Stepper
Materiale del Frame 6mm Alluminio 12mm Legno
Costruire Frame Taglio Laser, CNC, Taglio ad acqua Strumenti per taglio legno

Miglioramenti principali

Quello che segue è un elenco dei principali miglioramenti apportati sulla Prusa Mendel Iterazione 2

  • Maggiore rigidità del telaio (contraccolpo previene asse x)
  • Facilità di montaggio
  • file parametrici per più misure di cuscinetti o boccole


Lo sviluppo della Prusa Mendel è ospitato su GitHub:


Prusa i2 (Novembre 2011)

Il 11-11-11, la Prusa i2 è stata annunciata sul blob di reprap.

Prusa i3 (May 2012)

La primo commit to the Prusa3 GitHub repository.

"Ultimo refactoring completato" (September 3 2012)

Josef Prusa: "Final refactoring complete."

Ci sono stati molti impegni i seguenti mesi, evidenziando il processo di un continuo sviluppo.

Lo Sviluppo si trasferisce a Vanilla (January 2014)

Prusa spostato lo sviluppo originale "vanilla repository" su Github nel gennaio del 2014.

Kit ufficiale disponibile (da maggio 2015)

Nel maggio 2015, il kit ufficiale è su


Articoli principali: Prusa i3 Variants

The release of the Prusa i3 under the GPL license and numerous other factors (its low cost, minimal BOM, simple assembly and calibration procedures, more than adequate documentation, etc) have encouraged the further development of a growing number of Prusa i3 "variants" worldwide, with different parts, different materials and different assembly processes, but which altogether adhere to the general looks, component assembly, dimensions and functionality of the original Prusa i3.

See the page Prusa_i3_Variants for an attempt to list the Prusa i3 Open Source variants along with their differences / improvements and "genetic lineage". Also check out the Category: Prusa i3 Derivate page which lists using the wiki tagging feature.

Printed Parts

OpenSCAD files for the printed parts are available on the Github repository.

To compile the parts and render STL files, copy configuration.scad.dist[1] to configuration.scad, and customize by editing values.

Precompiled STL files to make the printer can be found at the Clone Wars page for the i3, and here zipped up:[1]

Frame type

Most major Prusa i3 Frame Styles fall into two categories: the Single Sheet Frame, and the Box Style Frame.

The Single Sheet Frame is designed to be manufactured through the use of a Laser cutter, WaterJet, or CNC Mill / Router Table. There are two current development tracks within the Single Sheet Frame, an Aluminium frame style, and a gusseted Wood frame style. Both are designed to support 6mm or thicker framing material. Both the EiNSTeiN variant and the i3 Rework designs use single sheet aluminum frames, as do most kits. The Box Style Frame, on the other hand, is designed to be easily manufactured at home with basic woodworking tools. The Y-axis for both frame styles is similar to that of the older Prusa Mendel Iteration 2.

Single Sheet Frame

This is a frame created from flat metal sheet, typically Aluminium, but can also be made from other material with a thickness usually between 3mm (0.125 inch) and 6mm (0.25 inch).

Prusa i3 with a single metal sheet style frame.
Prusa i3 with a single metal sheet style frame.


  • Looks professional (subjective).


  • Requires specialized tools (e.g. abrasive water jet cutter, laser cutter, CNC router) or contracting out.
  • Less rigid connection between XZ-frame and Y-frame part.

Box Style Frame

This frame is created from 8 small sheets of wood.

Prusa i3 with a box style frame
Prusa i3 with a box style frame


  • Can be created with standard DIY tools.
  • More rigid connection between XZ–frame and Y–frame part part.


  • Looks less professional (subjective)


Stepper Motors

The Prusa i3 uses, including the extruder, 5 NEMA17 stepper motors. Two of these motors, the Z axis motors, are connected to the same stepper driver of the electronics. If using Wade's Extruder, its stepper motor needs a minimum holding torque of 40Ncm (0.4Nm). More information can be found on the Stepper Motor page.

Controller Electronics

About any RepRap controller works for the Prusa i3. Required features: 4 stepper drivers, 1 thermistor input and 1 heater output for the extruder and optionally another thermistor/heater pair for the heated bed. Choosing the best one for your printer is mostly a matter of taste. For comparisons, see List of electronics, Comparison of Electronics and Alternative Electronics.



On November 12th, 2012 Josef Prusa (@josefprusa) tweeted a picture of his metal frame i3 with a custom dual extruder mounted.

Prusa i3 with an unnamed dual extruder mounted.
Prusa i3 with an unnamed dual extruder mounted.

Previous posts on Prusa's twitter feed reveal that Sound (Slic3r's Developer) inspired Prusa to attach a dual extruder.

In may 2015 was published the &makers single direct drive extruder named &struder, was designed to use on Wood multitool and now is adapted to use on prusa i3.

Heated Bed

The Prusa i3 includes a Heated Bed which allows for the use of materials such as ABS and nylon which can experience significant warping if printing on a cold platform.

  • MK3 heating bed, aluminum plate thickness of 3 mm, uniform heating, fast, back has good heat preservation, high temperature can be heated to 120 degrees


Filament Holder

For Sheet Style,

For Box Style,



  1. Please note that the zipped files are not compatible with holes for the Z axis brackets in the Prusa3ALU-*.dxf drawings, at least the ones in the old/ folder in github. Also, the models for Y-axis brackets are for M8 rods. Compiling your own and investigating the Prusa github packages is highly recommended!