Proposals/Generic Proposal Outline

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Identify Problem

Describe available non-RepRap, non-GPL solutions which are not on the wiki, explain why they are unsuitable.

Analyze domain, identify community resources if they exist and experts.

Make Simple Model Using RepRap

  • This is a key step. If you walk into a prosthetic designer's workshop or a roboticist designer's workshop, you better have a physical simple non-working example, printed out with a RepRap. This will engage the designer's somatic sense, their professional instincts will kick in, and he or she will tell you why this won't work.
  • Lay out large sheets of paper.
  • Ask them to make a drawing explaining their criticism.
  • Scan sheets of paper.
  • Make new model.
  • Repeat. Go back to
  • This is a little sneaky, but will work. We will call it the Columbo method of getting started on a project.

Try to identify domain expert with proven ability to get things dones, solicit advice.

Optional: Create Working Group of advisors. (Difficulty: No Talking-Shops

Describe Solution

Identify Domain Expert with proven ability to get things done: "Bob'

Secure Funding to donate RepRap: RepRap Research Foundation funds, PayPal, DARPA or Non-Profits etc.

Bob uses RepRap to design solution, demonstrates, puts on RepRap wiki under GPL.

Use RepRaps to make solution, deploy 1000 examples.


After deploying working examples, alert media, preferably using RepRap Blog] and BoingBoing (Cory are nice people, and people read their blog. Plus, since it's a blog, they need content, so it's all good.)