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PortaPrusa Documentation

About Build Manual

This is my personal build log, I will be posting regular updates as I make progress. Update: I just redesigned the printer, let's start over!

Still To Be Printed Parts

There are a few parts that I am considering making, such as pla bushings and a bar to lock the box open, but all existing files have been printed :)

Printed Parts

These are Completed Prints

Quantity STL file Comments Picture
1 X-Big.stl Holds Motor X-Big.PNG
1 X-Small.stl X-Small.PNG
1 Extruder.stl Extruder.PNG
1 Extruder-Arm.stl Extruder-Arm.PNG
1 Extruder-Plug.stl Retaining plug for bearing Extruder-Plug.PNG
1 Extruder-Clamp.stl !!!Update File!!! Extruder-Clamp.PNG
1 Bed-Slide_Double.stl Bed-Slide Double.PNG
1 Bed-Slide_Single.stl Bed-Slide Single.PNG
1 Bed-BeltMount.stl Top piece of belt clamp Bed-BeltMount.PNG
1 Bed-Clamp.stl Bed-Clamp.PNG
2 BasePivot.stl BasePivot.PNG
1 BaseSlide_In.stl BaseSlide In.PNG
1 BaseSlide_Out.stl BaseSlide Out.PNG
2 Drive-Gear.stl Drive-Gear.PNG
2 Idle-Gear.stl Idle-Gear.PNG

Laser Cut Parts

These Parts need to be laser cut.

  • The Printer is made from '1/4 in' (.2 in) or 5mm sanded ply.
  • You will need a 2ft x 3ft board to do it all. (usually sold in 4 ft sections)

The parts are contained in PortaPrusa_V3_Pack.dxf on the repo


  • Linear Bearings - 20140522 171741.jpg
  • Smooth Rod - 20140522 194147.jpg


Here are some of the electronics I'm using.

  • Extruder - 20140516 172310.jpg I'm not sure what this extruder is called, will try to update when I figure that out.
  • Controller - 20140516 172422.jpg This printrboard was made by geeetech, I got it on sale for a great price! :)
  • Motors - 20140521 173426.jpg I'm using 5 compact Nema 17 stepper motors. Most Nema17s are pretty similar, but there are some differences, mainly in the wires.

==Building Guide== Ignore - out of date

Step One

The first thing you need to do is insert the linear bearings into their respective 3d parts.
20140522 180005.jpg

Step Two

We will now mount the Z-motors to their mounts, and attach those to the frame.
Vitamins - 3x M3 bolts, nuts
Note - my motors came with bolts, yours may not.
20140525 211147.jpg
20140525 212035.jpg

Step Three

It's time to assemble the X carriage.
Note - I had to drill out some holes for the smooth rods to fit.
20140525 204354.jpg

Step Four

Now we will put together the sliding mechanism.
Vitamins - 8x M3 bolts, nuts; a couple bolts and washers for pivots.
20140526 183540.jpg