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Ponoko RepRap - Bracing The Frame

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The framework needs to be braced to stop it shaking, and also to keep the drive chains in tension. This is done with pieces of studding (that's threaded rod) that have clamps on the ends. We brace the framework on 5 sides, starting with the bottom. The Deposition Bed itself provides some rigidity to the structure. The bottom uses <part p="2">M8 650mm studding</part>, while the sides use <part p="8">M8 600mm studding</part>.

Note from another user: the 650mm studding were about 15mm too short for me. I recommend measuring your assembly to ensure it's long enough...

<repeat count="20">


Wind an <part>M8 nut</part> onto the studding about 25mm. Slip on a <part p="M8">washer</part>, two of the Clamps, another <part p="M8">washer</part> and finally a <part p="M8">nut</part>. Leave an oversized 8mm gap between the Clamps.


Put the <part p="M3">washer</part> on an <part>M3 25mm screw</part> and join the two holes in the clamps. Secure with <part p="M3">washer</part> and <part p="M3">nut</part>, leaving the generous 8mm gap. Note the gap on this one is a couple of mm or so too small. </repeat>


Fit the Diagonal Brace across the bottom of the RepRap frame, as high up the stubs of the legs as you can. Do not tighten the nuts with pliers or a spanner. Use your fingers or you run the risk of breaking the little Clamps.

If you do break one and run out of spares, drill 3mm and 8mm holes in an acrylic offcut using a Clamp as a template.


Fit the other Diagonal Brace. If they touch, then secure them with a wire tie, otherwise they'll rattle as the machine is running.

Remove cats from workshop to limit splillage of nuts.


Make 4 more pairs of Diagonal Braces from 600mm M8 studding and fit them to the sides in the same way.

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-- Main.VikOlliver - 28 Nov 2008