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Release status: Concept

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reprap with plastic frame
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This is the idea to completely make the frame of the reprap out of PLA/ABS (or similar materials). This should be

achievable by replacing the metal smooth rods of former designs with plastic ones. By that i do not mean solid rods of

plastic but more likely pipe like shapes with some stabelizing inner build like a number(#)-sign or maybe a cross(+) would

even suffice. Since this design will most definately have some stability issues we will have to think of a way to bring

stability in without increasing difficulty of assembly too much as well as keeping amount of needed material as low as

possible (and thus hopefully cost as well;).

To give the Plastobot the ability to reproduce the rods itself i thought of splitting long parts into smaller ones and

have a click system, like many plastic products nowadays have, connect them. Wether or not this option has too much of a

negative effect on stability and how to reduce it remains to be seen in tests.


The rods will be made of plastic with some sort of inner support.

PLAsticrod v1.png

That is how i imagine the rod to look like.

PLAsticrod v1 top.png

This is the top of the rod with the little pins of the click system on either side.

PLAsticrod v1 bottom.png

The bottom with the holes for the pins.

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