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For big prints with less detail, we developed a nozzle that can print up to 3mm walls, in one go.

"We" is a 3d printing company in the Netherlands, "huur een 3d" that rents 3d printers and also has a print-service.

To get an idea of the capabilities of this nozzle, let's look at some figures:

 nozzle diameter:        2.5mm
 layer:                  0.5mm
 print speed:            100mm/s
 flow rate: 2.5x0.5x100= 125mm3/s

compared to more standard settings:

 nozzle diameter:       0.6mm
 layer:                 0.2mm
 print speed:            75mm/s
 flow rate: 0.6*0.2*75 = 9mm3/s

so a ten-fold increase in flow rate is achievable, or: 10 times faster printing.

Below picture is of the first prototype, that already worked fine. The nozzle was 3d printed in wax and then casted (brass). That's because the internal shape cannot be machined in the traditional way.

Nozzle plastic blaster.jpg

Like with smaller nozzles, you can print a bit thicker or thinner than the nozzle diameter. In this case: from 2 to 3mm is no problem. Below picture is a sample print with 2.5mm wall thickness. Note the smooth 2.5mm wide infill

Sample 2 5mm wall.JPG