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Petri Documentation

Petri is currently in development and unavailable to the general public. Source code for the printed parts is available on request.

Sourcing your own parts

The source code for the Petri provides flexibility in a wide range of features. Printed parts can be altered to be used with locally available vitamins or desired features. Altering the parameters affects the following parameters:

- Vat dimensions

- Frame height

- Z height

- Type of lead screw (M5/M8/special lead screw)

- Frame rod diameter

- Smooth- rod diameter (affects linear barings) (to be implemented)

- Mirror size (to be implemented)


This is to be determined, vitamins include:

- 1 Nema17 stepper

- Electronics

- Endstop

- Various sizes m3 screws/nuts

- Treaded rods for the frame + nuts (size depends on printed parts)

- Smoothrods (size depends on printed parts)

- Mirror (first surface mirror preferred)