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Petri Documentation
Crystal Clear action run.png

Release status: experimental

Description Vat grown DLP and LCD photopolymer printers
License GPL
Author Koen Blank aka Bitflusher
Based-on Delta
Categories photopolymer, stereolithography
CAD Models soon on Github
External Link,353843


The Reprap Petri is a printer a photopolymer as input material rather than filament. It uses a DLP beamer like the Lemon Curry. It is named after the German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri because printed objects "grow" in a shallow glass square dishlike "vat".

The design features:

- Mendel like printed/treaded rod style

- Fully paramatic to be able to accommodate vat sourced at a random local place

- Be more “reprapy” and be able to print it’s own parts

- Using an unmodified, not permanently attached beamer (I do not own a beamer at this point)


The frame is based on printed parts combined with threaded rods. This gives it Mendel like appearance and features such as printability and local sourcing of parts.

Part name Desctiption
Petri-render-Full.png Full render All parts + most vitamins
Petri-render-Bottom-Part.png Bottom Frame This is the lowest part of the frame, holds the stepper motor
Petri-render-Middle-Frame.png Middle frame This is the part that holds the vat and contains the LM8UU's for the Z-stage
Petri-render-Z-bottom.png Z-bottom Lower part of the Z stage. This connects to the z lead screw
Petri-render-Z-top.png Z-top Upper part of the Z stage. The build platform will be connected here.


For the vat square petri dishes will be used as a first experimental vat. As petri (inventor of the petri dishes is related to biology and the prints are growing in the vat/petridish I decided to name my design Reprap Petri.