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PSU unit silver.png
Color: Silver
Extruder: ?
Temperature: ?

PSU unit Silver.jpg

This page is for information about the PSU Unit Silver, which is fully operational. In order to make the noise lower,put some heavy stuff on the -Y half bed.

Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Temperature Comments
Silver Working Ohm RAMPS RAMPS 1.4 0.5mm tip 205C None.

Changes need to be made in order to get better prints

Silver is a printer good at printing square blocks. The print speed of Silver is very fast. However, due to the bad quality of Open-X carriage(warping), Silver right now cannot print perfectly circular parts. The open-x carriage can be replaced to increase print quality. Also, a Fan is mounted on the frame of Silver, but not connected.

The right open-Y carriage arm was damaged and repaired with super glue. However, the problem remains and that part needs to be replaced.

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