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Unit Alfa.JPG
Unit alpha small.png
Color: Wood
Extruder: ?
Temperature: ?

Alpha is a wooden Mendel printer currently placed in room 312 of Hammond building on campus. Alpha uses skeinforge to slice the STl file in to G code, which gives alpha better capability printing out circular parts. Alpha was brought to the 2013 EXPO to be a sample printer to show how does a RepRap printer work. As the Fall 13 semester closes, we did not get to finish adding new electronics. The plan for us was to add on and an Arduino and a RAMPS board. This is not one of our more prefered printers due to the fact it only has one Z-axis motor.


Date Modification / Problem
12/05/2013 Belts are reattached. Work of bed almost complete. The still printer needs new electronics and extruder
09/02/2013 The printer needs new electronics and extruder
Unknown Both alpa and beta may experience extrusion problems that are not temperature related, please follow these guides to fix it Trouble Shooting Guide
Unknown Y axis is replaced with Ohm design
4/20/14 Many parts including hot tip, electronics, extruder and power and USB cables scavenged. Parts were spread out to different projects to help finish them one of which is Delta.

Operating Specifications

Design TechZone Mendel


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