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Release status: working

Description New frame version of the P3Steel from Irobri, modified by Moebyus Machines.
License CC BY-NC 3.0
Author Moebyus Machines
Based-on Prusa i3
Categories Clone wars/es, Working developments, Mendel Variations,
CAD Models File:P3SteelMM.zip
External Link none

The up-to-date page whith latest CAD and 3D model versións is the Spanish one


The P3SteelMM is just a simple upgrade (from our point of view) of the P3Steel, wich is an Irobri work based on the Prusa i3 from Josef Prusa.

We have tried to maintain initial rigidity and ease of assembly objectives on design, but taking weight off. Apart from the weight improvement, it should be cheaper to protect the steel against corrosion, either by painting, galvanization, blued or similar treatments.

We also find cooler! ;-)

This new redesign reduces the weight to 3.682 grams.

Wiring diagram

Diagrama cableado Moebyus Steel.png

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Proyecto Clone Wars