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RP Orca

Release status: concept

An attempt to make a simplified version of the Orca
GPL v2
CAD Models
External Link

Don't bother building a Orca v020, just buy some linear bearing and upgrade to Orca v030 : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17328/ (acrylic frame not tested yet, but feel rigid enough)

The Orca page is quite long, so I may list here alternative parts for the v0.20 for a moment (and maybe merge them with the page later).


As I said on my review, lets add some improvements :) (http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?152,94557,94557)

Now I'll tend to opt for the v0.30 but I wanted to convert some parts just for the sake of making it as printable as other Repraps.

  • design printable parts of the actual thick/thin sheet (more self-replication)
  • redesign some printed parts to ease the build (e.g. in the Y-axis two parts could be one, and thus we don't have to check the distance between them, other can be fused together)
  • make a version with bushings or linear bearings (that will greatly simplify the design).

The files will be in .stl and .skp (I think the shapes are doable in sketchup, favoring future reuse)

Alternative parts

Thick sheet

Drop-in replacement of the actuals cutted parts (and then we may replace them by other simpler/fewer parts)

  • ORCA_2001_Z_FLOOR
  • Orca_6001_mainboard
  • alu printbed don't included (for obvious reasons)

Z support

Probably based on something like that : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:9864

File: stl/sketchup



The LM8UU linear bearings variation

Alternative Build Order

With eventual new parts, we will need also to edit the build order

Fork Naming

"RP Orca" (repraped parts vs thick sheet)