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NYC World Maker Faire Maker Faire is being held Saturday, September 25th - 10:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.and Sunday, September 26th - 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.. It is at the New York Hall of Science in 47-01 111th Street, Queens, NY 11368-2950.

JohnA submitted the application which was approved, and the 3D Printer Village is now officially Maker #4491, in addition to everyone's individual registrations. We have a 40'x40' tent, one of the largest of the Faire.

We will have 12-14 printers on-site throughout the weekend, and will be doing live-builds of a number of 3D Printers.


Registration for this event is now closed. If you're attending, please stop in to the booth.


The following people are bringing printers to the event:

  • JohnA: bringing a MakerBot
  • JohnA Sr:bringing big red Mendel
  • Steve - Isaac, possibly a Mini-Mendel
  • Tony Buser and wife Amy - will bring either MakerBot or RepRap not sure which yet, also a Filament Spindle
  • Bruce Wattendorf and Son Nicholas - will bring Makerbot and looking to possible car pool with anybody from RI Mass area. Also attending RI Makerfair.
  • Andy S: bringing a MakerBot w/ Mk5 Extruder
  • Mark A: Bringing a MakerBot
  • Matt C: Bringing a MakerBot
  • Kimberly A: Bringing a Mendel or two
  • Shane H (Alpha 1 Labs): Bringing a Mendel
  • Rick P: Bringing a Mystery Printer

Help / Crew

The following people are registered and attending to help with the live builds and other happenings at the Village:

  • Catarina
  • Andrew P
  • Ethan D


This is a list of things that will be needed for support equipment. Hopefully the people local can bring most of these things on the list, so the people traveling won't have to pack and bring as much.

  • Power strips (lots)
  • Extension cord(s)
  • Laptop locks


Post in the [RepRap NYC-Maker Faire mailing list or the forum to try and coordinate a carpool. It is probably easier to do it on the forum than on here. Taking the LIRR is probably not feasible with large and delicate robots as well.

Discussion - This list is not actively being used since not all attendees have subscribed.

Archival Forum Threads,45240,54424,44370


  • Banners: ordered
  • Business Cards: order by 9/10


The following companies have offered assistance with the 3D Printer Village:

  • MakerBot Industries
  • DesktopFab
  • Village Plastics

Photos and Drawings

These are things we can enlarge and put on posters/business cards/flyers.