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Molestock Documentation

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Release status: working

Molestock S-3D printer.jpg
Description delta 3D printer
License CC-BY-NC-SA
Author Tomas Feltl +
Based-on Molestock
Categories Molestock, Molestock Development, delta printer, magnetic effector, printing in school, school printer
CAD Models none
External Link Github

Molestock is delta 3D printer based on the concept of delta printers like Rostock and Kossel (Johann C. Rocholl). When designing we were trying to maximally meet the specific needs of the school environment.

The latest version of the parts are available at GitHub ( Github).

Small example:

More info: (czech only yet)

Building components list (BOM) in e-Mole 3-4/2015 magazine from page 73 (for download in PDF) (czech only yet).

Building instructions in e-Mole 3-4/2015 magazine (for download in PDF) (czech only yet, but with lots of photos).