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Minitronics 10 - Minitronics 11
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Minitronics 2.0

Release status: Working

Single board, plug and play solution
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Compact, affordable, single-board solution with on-board stepper drivers. 32-bit SAMD21 Microprocessor running at 40Mhz, well capable of running even Delta printers at decent speeds.

Minitronics is the slim but powerful electronics line. It's designed to be an easy to use, compact and smart solution to fit 90% of the 3D-printers. Unlike the Megatronics, which targets at the advanced range of usages, the Minitronics is plug and play, which will fit the needs of the average user better.

Minitronics has a powerful SAMD21J18 32-bit microprocessor with 256KB memory, running at 48Mhz. The board can be connected to a PC using a normal USB cable and can run stand-alone from 12V power supply. The board is compatible with Arduino and will therefor be easily programmed from the Arduino IDE.

The board comes with four DRV8825 on-board stepper drivers, which can be configured to different micro-stepping settings. To enable dual-head support an external stepper driver may be hooked up to the EXTSTEP header.

Version 2.0 of the Minitronics gives you more features, while maintaining the same small form-factor of the version 1.1. Mounting hole positions, USB connector and reset button are placed at the same positions making an upgrade easy.

The boards comes with a 40mm fan, to cool the back of the board, allowing the stepper drivers better performance. Also a power connector is provided, but you may wish to add wiring yourself

File:Minitronicsv2 connectors.jpg

Configuring Arduino

For Arduino you need to make some changes, open up preferences and add as additional board manager URL. This enables ReprapWorld's boards. Open up boards manager and find ReprapWorld, then locate the SAMD entry for Minitronics and press install. After successful installation Minitronics v2.0 is available in the Boards menu.

Compatible Firmware

At this time only MK4DUO is compatible, other firmwares need to implement the SAMD HAL first.

Specific build are available here:

Raspberry Pi and Octoprint

You may want to add a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint to drive your RepRap. You can easily connect the Raspberry Pi by plugging RPI's 5V input (you can cut a microUSB cable and use only the Red and Black cables) to the two "5V Output" pins of the Minitronics.

Then, if you want to supply everything (Minitronics + RPI) only with the 12V power connector, you need to unjump the "USB" Jumper and to jump the "SRC12v" jumper.