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MF70 RepStrap

Release status: unknown

MF70 RepStrap 2.jpg
MillStrap based on Proxxon MF70 mill
CAD Models
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This Page Shows how to add an extruder to a Proxxon MF 70. CNC support was added to the mill with a commercial DIY Kit.

MF70 RepStrap 1.jpg

With the kit that included electronics it is possible to do milling, automated drilling, pcb milling and engraving based on EMC (LinuxCnc) or Arduino with GRBL.

The final step will be to use have a MillStrap machine.

1. Buy a MF_70 drill machine

2. Upgrade with CNC kit

With EMC you are able to do drilling, milling and engraving.

Drawbacks: - you need Ubuntu LTS 10.04 with realtime extensions on a computer with parallel port (subd-25)

This step was successfully executed

3. Create an Arduino based controller

To do a little bootstrapping, you can create your own controller for the machine. The machine is already supporting drilling anc pcb milling with EMC, so it is possible to create the pcb. The needed tools are: - Engraving Bit (V-Carve) - drill bit

This step was successfully executed. The machine runs fine with GRBL firmware on the arduino. The software used to run the machine is:

- PuTTY (direct connection to virtual serial port)

- GRBL controller

The machine can be operated from Windows machine now. Realtime Linux is not needed anymore. All major operating systems are supported: Linux, Windows, MacOS

MF70 RepStrap ArduinoController.jpg

4. Mount an Extruder to the machine

An extruder is mounted to the machine, so that the mechanical part of the MillStrap is complete. The Extruder will be connected to the generation-7 electronics later.

This step was successfully executed with a prototype made from wood:

MF70 RepStrap 2.jpg

5. Create and modify a generation-7 electronics to drive the machine

My expectation is that the polulu stepper drivers on the Generation 7 Electronics are able to drive the stepper motors of the Mill. But as the steppers of the mill are wired to the Uni 1500 Electronics, I will save the money for additional polulu steper drivers and will wire the step-Direktion pins of the microcontroller to the sub-d 25 connector to be able to reuse the existing electronic-

This is work in progress


Manufacturer of the mill Http://

Manufacturer of the Cnc kit: Http://

GRBL Controller: