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Mendel Dynamics Documentation
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Mendel Dynamics

Release status: working

Mendel Dynamics is a plates-based redesign of Prusa Mendel.
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Mendel Dynamics is an open source 3D printer designed by Barcelona Dynamics, based on Prusa Mendel. Mendel Dynamics introduces improvements in performance and facilitates assembly and calibration. Main changes are based on a substitution of many plastic pieces and rods by methacrylate plates. These plates can be also made by wood or aluminium. The new design provides the following advantages:

  • Assembling simplification. The methacrylate plates replaces entire structures previously formed plastic pieces and rods. Thanks to this, many steps to assemble the main frame are no longer needed.
  • Calibration simplification. Methacrylate plates have the set of holes in the correct distance and there is just one way to join them. It reduces the time measuring and adjusting distances to the point that you don't need to measure almost anything.
  • Robustness. Prusa Mendel has some issues with Z axis stabilization, and one may have some problems with X and Y belts. Mendel Dynamics has more supporting points in Z axis in order to assure straightness. Improvements have been done in X and Y axis to keep belts tense.

In contrast, some new-designed plates can not be printed by a Prusa or by itself given their length. So, the 3D printer partially lose the capacity to print itself. Still, most of the new-designed plates can be easily printed.


More information at Barcelona Dynamics website: Mendel Dynamics (Spanish)