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This page describes something which is no longer the most recent version. For the replacement version see: none

Mendel - Under Development

Mendel is the version 2 RepRap. Some ideas have been kicked around the core team and Ed has done some designs, previously refered to as "the Wedge". Mendel looks smaller than Darwin, and is. But the frame actually has more printable area in it than the Darwin, where the head and carriage clashed with the frame, limiting movement. The Z motor also took up a lot of build height in the original Darwin, and Ed has fixed that too. The same electronics will do for the moment. Extra heads and servos etc. can come later. It's not finished yet, OK? Tab A may only fit in slot B with the appliance of heat, force, and the correct phase of the moon. With no better place to put development stuff, Vik has created this wiki page.

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Vik is currently building a Mendel frame to test out movement with stepper motors, and to deploy just the one static head. Image shows the major structural frame components and all the rods needed before assembly proper started.