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Build a RepRap 3D Printer

All 3 axes fdmd sml.jpg
Introduction to the RepRap 3D printer. The current release version is called "Darwin".
Cartesian Bot 
The 3-axis positioning system.
Thermoplast Extruder 
The plastic extruder that's the heart of the RepRap. (It's like a motorized glue gun.)
Please Note

Documentation for the RepRap project is current hosted at, and not on this MediaWiki. While we may be mirroring documentation onto this site, this is not the official documentation website. (Yet.)

Make It Better!

Builders' Wiki 
User-submitted changes, patches, and improvements to the RepRap 3D printer.

Object Library: Things to Make using a RepRap

Available Files 
Download and print objects that have already been designed.
Uploading Files 
Use the "Upload file" command in the "toolbox" to the left to upload a file. To create a page, enter that url in the addressbar in your browser.
Wanted Objects 
Suggestions for things that a RepRap might usefully make.
Recommended File Formats 
While we'll accept any 3D object file formats, or even a cocktail napkin sketch, there are some file formats that we prefer for RepRap.
Software Tools 
Software tools to help in the creation and verification of RepRap models.


List of techniques 
Ideas and techniques relating to RepRap and cheap construction techniques in general.
List of tutorials 
Instructional documents - tricks and tips relating to RepRap construction.
Health and Safety
RepRap Social Contract
Legal and Licensing
Website Terms And Conditions