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MaduixaCNC Documentation
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Release status: working

CNC machine of 3 axis
CAD Models
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MaduixaCNC is an open source CNC machine of 3 axis developed by BCN Dynamics. We expect other contributions after this release under GPL license.

The main target of MaduixaCNC development is to be the more accessible and affordable as possible. With accessible we mean that the components should be easy to find anywhere in the world. So, MaduixaCNC uses DM wood for the base structure and frame, 3dprintable plastic parts, and some common hardware stuff such as screws, nuts, bars, and so on. It uses NEMA17 motors and Arduino electronics.

MaduixaCNC is a CNC machine for milling, machining, drilling, PCB milling/routing, drawing and cutting, among others. Many things can be automatically produced with a CNC machine. MaduixaCNC is ready to use many possible tools, you just need to configure it your way.

It has a universal holder to use any tool. So you can plug a drill, a dremel, a cutter, a laser, a pen or whatever you need.

It is open source, published under GPL v3.0. So anyone can reproduce it wherever in the world without patents problems. Moreover, anyone can participate by providing improvements, changes or derivates. We are waiting for your improvements!

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