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Linux based platform for machine control applications forked from LinuxCNC
GNU GPL v2, portions GNU LGPL v2.1
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This work is licensed under the GNU GPL v2 with portions under GNU LGPL v2.1 (mostly interface definitions). It is a fork of LinuxCNC adding support for ARM platforms and additional real-time kernels. More extensive description: Features

Quick Information

Machinekit is a platform for machine control applications.

Machinekit is portable across a wide range of hardware platforms and real-time environments, and delivers excellent performance at low cost. It is based on the HAL component architecture, an intuitive and easy to use circuit model that includes over 150 building blocks for digital logic, motion, control loops, signal processing, and hardware drivers. Machinekit supports local and networked UI options, including ubiquitous platforms like phones or tablets.

Using a wide variety of I/O driver components, Machinekit effortlessly coordinates motion on your choice of ARM or x86 platforms and Xenomai, RT_PREEMPT or RTAI real-time kernels.

Machinekit can control machine tools, quadrotors, robots, 3D printers, or your refrigerator.

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