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Sunhusky.png By Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology Lab.

Wanted: Students to make a distributed future with solar-powered open-source RepRap 3-D printing and recyclebot recycling.
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Release status: working

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the MOST RepRap is a derivative of the Prusa Mendel.
CAD Models
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The MOST RepRap was developed by the Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology research group

Main alterations from standard Prusa

  • A lightweight carbon fiber rod y-carriage that has the capacity to increase y-travel to 250mm and increase print speed
  • 3mm Bowden extruder using a Lulzbot pre-built J-head
  • Z-motor coupling
  • Minimal x-carriage for J-head hot end.
  • There are other minor mods like redesigning the end stop holders using non-standard x-axis ends and the handy little belt terminators for providing tension and activating limit switches.
  • Cost was minimized by using the Melzi board, minimizing the lengths of structural steel components and replacing fasteners with printed components as much as possible.
  • Color coded with easy build instructions

BOM, Build instructions, STL files, etc.

  • Tandem Build - If you want to build a MOST RepRap with a friend ~ 1 working day
  • Solo - How to build a MOST RepRap on your own - inexperienced can do it in under 24 hours
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