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Laybrick 250.jpg

3D printing filament Laybrick-beta, gray and white, 250 g / Text was written in July 2013 by meXhibit

Laybrick - A sandstone-like filament and rough, very suitable for professional forms and models in the industry and especially in architecture

Laybrick lighthouse.JPG

Water Colored Octagonal Lighthouse


• Product surfaces can be adjusted between smooth and rough • Pressure Temperature range: 165 ° C - 190 ° C for smooth surfaces and from    210 ° C for rough surfaces (cooling apply) • Laybrick 3D printed products have a temperature resistance of up to   70 ° C • Warping can almost be considered as excluded • pressure can be carried out without heating bed • Ingredients: co-polyester, natural minerals such as ground limestone • products are both colorable and sanded • pressure layer thicknesses of 0.1 - 0.4 mm recommended • Cooling time after the pressure is between 2-3 hours, depending on Pressure Temperature (please do not touch or move at this time)

Note: Be careful with the FIlament, it breaks very easily.