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Laser Etch Tool

Consisting of a later and a system of mirrors to redirect the beam, a laser etch tool could be used for a variety of purposes. With a low powered laser, the tool could simply be used to mark designs on a printed object or with a higher powered laser it could even used to do laser sintering to make objects from a high strength metal.

A laser etch tool would just be really awesome. If a suitable laser supply could be found, then it would be fairly easy to design a power supply / controller board and attach it to a laser. the print head itself would actually be a mirror pointed so the laser aims straight down into the surface. The laser would be mounted off to the side on the Y axis pointing back at the mirror.

The control software would turn the laser on and off at the appropriate times and the z axis would probably not even be needed.

Guide on hacking DVD Burner laser into high power laser

-- Main.ZachSmith - 11 Feb 2007

Yes, that would be awesome. Can we use the Laser Cutter to do all that, or does a laser sintering require a different design?