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Image of a Huxley Y Axis, assembled from a TechZoneCommunications Lasercut Mendel Kit


This page and its peers should guide you through assembling a RepRap Lasercut Mendel from the TechZone kit, or from parts you have laser cut which are the same as the TechZone parts. It is a work in progress, and needs some help, feel free to edit this document to add comments of you your own, or contact us [here] and send us messages asking us for better clarification or details.

I am starting by posting the pictures I have, and over the next few days, I will fill in the instructions and detials (6 April 2011)

Lambert (TechZone R&D/Support/Documenter)

You can access this page and it's peers (for the other parts of the Lasercut Mendel assembly from the TechZone Lasercut Mendel Page

Y 180 and Y 360

On the left is a picture of the parts used to make the Y Axis 180 and 360 sides shown assembled on the right.

Start by attaching all the bearings to the spring arms. On the 360 side one of the spring arms is left loose so that you can use a shim later to tighten the bearings against the bar if it is needed. The bearing stack goes bolt, washer, wood, one or two washers (depending on spacing needed to center it on the bar), bearing, washer, and nut. The second picture on the right shows a close up of how the bearings are mounted on the spring arms.

Connecting to Frog Plate

Photo of the parts used to Assemble the Y axis
Photo of an assembled Y Axis
Photo of a frog plate and assembled Y 180 and Y 360

On the left are the parts to connect the 180 and 360 sides to the Y axis frog plate. Start by attaching two bolts to each of the arms of the frog plate. Once you have the bolts attached screw another nut part of the way down each bolt. This nut is where the sides will rest and adjusts how far the frog plate sits below the bars once it is assembled.
Now it is time to attach the 180 and 360 sides as well as the build plate. The 180 side goes on the same side of the frog plate as the waste plate so that the 360 side can go closest to the belt clamps. The 360 holds against the twisting that happens with the belt pulling on the plate and works best if the belt has less leverage against the 360. Slide the 180 and 360 sides down onto the bolts that you attached to the frog plate earlier with the arms pointing outward. The bolts go through the two holes on each arm that are closest to the center of the frog plate with the arms facing outward. The third hole is for attaching the build platform in later steps. If you have the frog plate oriented such that the 360 is on your right with the bolts facing upward you want the waste plate on the side furthest from you (there are holes for it to mount on either side so that it doesn't matter which way is up on the frog plate). Now tighten nuts down onto the arms of the 180 and 360 sides. You want the distance between frog plate and 180/360 arm the same measured along each bolt.

Install the Axis

Photo of the parts used to install the build platform
Photo of an Installed Axis

At this point attaching the Y axis to the frame just takes two smooth bars shown on left and right. Start by sliding the two smooth bars through the clamps on either the front or back unit of the frame. Tilt the bars up and slide the carriage onto the bars with the 360 side toward the Z combo unit. Once you have the carriage on the bars slide the smooth bars through the clamps on the other side.

Alignment of these bars is included with the Frame squaring and adjustment information here.

Go back to the frame adjustment information and follow the instructions there to tighten the smooth bar clamps into place. Threadlock is probably a good idea on the nuts holding the smooth bar clamps in place... once they are all adjusted.