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Darwin Laser Cut RepStraps

Release status: Unknown

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CAD Models
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There are a growing number of laser-cut Rep(St)raps being developed. The (St) is in brackets because, as soon as we put a laser on one of these (which we have every intention of doing), they all immediately convert from being RepStraps to being RepRaps.

See LaserCut for another list.

LaserCut Mendel


Laser Cut RapMan RepRap

Bits from Bytes' Ian Adkins designed a lasercut version of Darwin, which you can either buy from them or make for yourself. This design has formed the basis of most of the laser-cut Rep(St)rap Darwin designs. Follow that link to go to the company's site.

Click this make the Bits from Bytes Darwin link to find out how to make your own Rep(St)rap from the Bits from Bytes design.


Laser Cut PonokoRepRap

Ponoko Vik Olliver has slightly modified Ian's design to print out on the Ponoko lasercutting service, which requires .EPS files that are edited under Inkscape. This version uses a more limited range of materials (such as ball-chain instead of toothed belt) and does not use rebated parts. It is currently a work-in-progress and can be bought for $20usd here. Click this make the Ponoko Darwin link

User-submitted Hints, Files and Patches to Lasercut Rep(St)raps

Builders/Lasercut Hints

Builders/Lasercut Variations

Builders/Lasercut Patches

Builders/Lasercut Improvements