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KosselM Documentation
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Release status: concept

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a simplified Kossel
CAD Models
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I hesitated to go the Delta route, cause of the tall structure, but I was curious to try it anyway, and implement some ideas from the Mondrian to make a slightly simplified Kossel :)


  • nb (Hugobiwan) : si tu souhaites que les personnes rattrapent les dimensions de la Kossel (30 cm de profilé + 2x3 cm de bord plastique =36 cm de triangle vu de dessus) j'ai mesuré la distance entre les axes verticaux et on perd 2 cm. Avec des barres de 30 cm de côté cela fait un triangle de 28 cm. Donc pour rattraper les tailles de pushrods et du reste d'une Kossel il faudrait construire la Kossel M avec des barres de 44 cm et cela doit être bon (6 cm de bords plastiques en moins et 2 cm de moins du fait du design = 36 cm de triangle).

More inspiration or useful things

Some advices

  • Try to print all the parts on the same printer. Filling 40% or more. PLA or ABS ok.
  • Be ready to make a little machining on the idlers. They must moove freely on the alu profiles in the vertical axes. It is important.
  • Use the way Emmanuel did for the belt tension. I tried many other ways but this one WORKS.
  • The dxf file is very important : with this part your delta will be get much more rigidity and respect the orders.
  • Buy your belt by meter but be carefull that you must cut it yourself and not receive pieces of 1 m :-) I had about 6 m of GT2 belt (6mm width) for my 770mm high delta.
  • Concerning the bearings, i could not put 4 624zz in the parts. But i could put 3x623zz in each angle. You can use M4 washers (2 washers-3 bearings - 2 washers) in each angle.
  • Concerning the rods you can build it the same way as any Rostock or delta. Take your time because their length MUST be accurate.
  • Use T nuts in the profiles if you want your Kossel M to be strong. Not classical nuts.
  • Calibrating and tuning of the deltas is different. Use this tutorial and you will succeed. minow.blogspot.fr/
  • I made a delta Kossel M with a static extruder and a moving magnetic plate, inspired by the quantum. No problem with retraction. If you do so, drill the acrylic or wood "dxf", use it at the top and suspend your extruder. No problem with a wade. You can also glue magnets on the effector and on a mirror to get a magnetic bed, as i did.