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K Extruder

Release status: working

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42 Stepper motor Extruder Driver
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This page describes the K extruder for RepRap Mendel.

This extruder is designed to work with a supply of 3mm diameter plastic feedstock. If you want to use 1.75mm diameter plastic, see this extruder instead.

The K Extruder is based on Minimalistic Mk7 replacement.

K Extruder.jpg

I wanted to design a single extruder driver that could

  1. Be bolted to the X carriage of Mendel and run as a normal extruder,
  2. Be mounted with J Head Nozzle, and
  3. it is easy to assembly.


  1. A small filament driver means that the motor runs on low current;
  2. We use screw tap to make the filament driver;
  3. A large motor with high torque, do not need gears;
  4. Uses the 623 bearing;
  5. Designed to work at higher extrude speeds than the old Mendel extruder, giving shorter build times;
  6. The back is open to make it easy to clean the teeth of the drive gear.

Where to get it

  1. rp3d.com: rp3d.com


The PDF version can be found here:K_Extruder.pdf

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