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Jason Mendel Documentation
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Jason Mendel

Release status: experimental

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The Jason Mendel was born out of a need for larger build space and better documentation of the Prusa i3.
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The Jason Mendel is a fork of the Prusa i3. Initial variations are an attempt to increase the build area and provide better documentation on the actual build process. It also sets forth a more specific standard then the original i3.


' Mk1
Plastic Parts 34
Non Printed Parts approx. 293
Cost $350-$450
Controller Electronics Ramps v1.4
Printing Size 305 x 305 x 270
Motors 5 x NEMA 17 Stepper
Extruder Greg's Hinged Extruder
Frame Material 12mm Wood
Frame Manufacture Basic Woodwork Tools

Main Improvements

  • Increased Build Area
  • Strict Specification
  • Better Documentation
  • Doesn't Require Expensive Machinery


Stepper Motors

The Jason Mendel uses, including the extruder, 5 NEMA17 stepper motors. Two of these motors, the Z axis motors, are connected in series to the same stepper driver of the electronics. The extruder stepper motor needs a minimum holding torque of 40Ncm (0.4Nm). More information can be found on the Stepper Motor page.

Controller Electronics

Ramps v1.4 is recommended for the Jason Mendel. Required features: 4 stepper drivers, 2 thermistor input and 2 heater output for the extruder. For more information see Ramps.


The extruder used is a standard Greg's Geared Extruder with an E3D Direct Feed Hotend. The gears for the extruder should be made of nylon. More information can be found at the extruder page.

Heated Bed

The Jason Mendel includes a Heated Bed which allows for the use of materials such as ABS which can experience significant warping if printing on a cold platform.


The Jason Mendel is capable of printing ABS, PLA and Nylon. It is recommended to apply a layer of Blue M3 tape to the bed prior to printing.