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Master Assembly

Media:Isaac-2010-04-14.stp: 2010-04-14 snapshot (Alibre 11.2).

  • Recolored to improve build instructions.
  • Finished end-stops
  • Updated mounting holes
  • Bill-Of-Material (BOM) Ready

File:Isaac-2010-04-10.stp: 2010-04-10 snapshot (Alibre 11.2). Nearly finished. Todo (probably on 04-11):

  • Finish end-stop and flag placement
    • Update end-stop mounting holes to match shipped parts
  • Add circuit boards (thick sheets)
  • Check screws, nuts, washers, etc. to prepare for hardware count

STL format now available(2010-04-14 snapshot):

X Carriage with Mark IV extruder

File:Isaac-x-carriage-with-mk4-2010-04-10.stp: 2010-04-10 snapshot (Alibre 11.2). This is the X carriage assembly with the Mark IV adapter plate and the Mark IV extruder.

  • Caution: you may need to decrease the size of the big washer that supports the hot assembly. This washer and the supporting bolts must not touch any of Isaac's parts!

Notes on using Alibre to generate a BOM

  • To generate a Bill of Materials in Alibre 12.1 (Trial):
  1. File->Import an .stp file
  2. File->Save (as .AD_ASM)
  3. File->New->Bill of Materials (file should be automatically selected)
  4. File->Save (as .AD_BOM)
  5. File->Export (as .csv to get your externally readable file)