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Isaac - Mendel RepStrap/Reprap

Release status: Working

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A CNCed RepStrap
CAD Models
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Isaac is a derivative of Mendel with the primary goal of making it easier to produce on 2.5D CNC machines. Isaac is a RepRap/RepStrap hybrid with parts that can be either printed on a Mendel sized 3D printer or a budget sized CNC machine. We have spent a significant amount of time on this design and we hope that our variation will allow cheaper machines to be produced as more and more people offer this kit.

Really big example images with lots of descriptive text are a fun part of documentation.

What's Different

We took great care to minimize overall costs of construction while maintaining the Mendel footprint. We significantly changed a lot of RP parts to make them machinable and still printable. We combined lots of parts where applicable, and tried to design things in such a way to make assembly and dis-assembly easier than the original.

  • Vitamins: We have reduced the number of nuts/bolts/washers/bearings used to minimize costs where possible
    • Rods: Uses less smooth and threaded rod than the original
  • Components: We have reduced the number of machined/printed pieces from 95 to just 45 (19 unique parts)
  • Pulley Size: We could not find pulleys in the diameter of the original, so ours comes with 10 groove pulleys instead of 8
    • Slightly less X-Y resolution at 0.005 inches per half/step
  • All machined parts designed to be (subtractive) cut out of plastic on a 2.5D CNC Router ... although they will (hopefully, untested) work just as well when (additive) printed out in extruded plastic on a Mendel or some other Isaac.

What's the Same

  • Build platform
    • Want to buy that cool Mendel heater bed? It'll fit on Isaac!
    • (untested) the standard Mendel extruder should fit
    • the MakerBot's Plastruder MK4 fits on it (using an adapter plate)
  • Smooth and Threaded Rod Spacing
    • Distances between Rods were left alone so that Updates/Upgrades to the original Mendel will apply to Isaac
  • Belt pitch - Uses XL belts and pulley
  • Metric based (SAE coming soon)
  • Supports same motors as the original
  • It is a RepRap, not merely a RepStrap -- an Isaac (or a Mendel) can print all the machined parts for a child Isaac (or a child Mendel) in extruded plastic.

Current Status

We have begun selling Isaac kits with a great initial response. The Alibre assembly files are complete and are now posted. The files are in STEP format and contain the entire assembly; every last part, nut, bolt, bearing, motor, etc. We are constantly updating the build documentation and have added a BOM.

Here is a video of one of our first Prototypes printing. <videoflash type="youtube">v4_FOvZPpYU</videoflash> This video is shown with the Plastruder print head. We have since upgraded to a new print head and maintain print speeds about 50% faster than what the video showed.

Build Documentation