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i3 Berlin

Release status: working

The i3 Berlin is a
improved Prusa i3.
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The i3 Berlin is a improved and tested successor of the original Prusa Mendel i3.

Infobox info icon.svg.png There is an updated version of the I3 Berlin available: the YOUin3D pro one.

We met Josef Prusa late 2012 at the open knowledge conference in Berlin, where he proudly presented the Prusa i3, an improved version of the Prusa Mendel. Just a few month later we as Laydrop started to build that version with 5 to 10 teams in a monthly Workshop at the Fablab Berlin.

As soon as we identified the first shortcomings in the original design, we started to improve it. Our aims were raising the overall printing quality, making it easier to build and of course, making it better looking.

After one and a half years of constant work, based on feedback from our monthly workshops, we realized that time had come to rename it: the i3 Berlin was born.

Assembly instructions

  1. Bill of materials
  2. Assembly manual


All improvements where done after identifying problems of users during our workshops.

  • A rigid anodized aluminium frame that withstands all kind of transportations.
  • All electronics are integrated, power supply, electronics, and the LCD display are taking as small place as necessary .
  • Wiring is premade, you won't need to solder, there are just plugs and screw terminals. All wires are protected in a sleeve.
  • The heatbed is fixed with three thumbwheels, leveling is done within less than a minute.
  • We added a full metal extruder that can print everything that can be melted up to 300°C. Flexible materials too.
  • Improved temperature control takes care of stable temperatures from 0 to 300°C.

How to get it?

Infobox info icon.svg.png The I3 Berlin is being discontinued, you can order an upgraded and readily assembled version here.

I3-Berlin-Building-Kit-Web-Optimized.jpg 2-i3-Berlin-Perspective-Web-Optimized.jpg

What can you do with it.

Some prints from the i3 Berlin:

I3-Berlin-Print-Dog.jpg I3-Berlin-Print-Frog.jpg I3-Berlin-Print-RC rims.jpg I3-Berlin-Print-Robo Hand.jpg

Get in contact with us!

Please contact us through our website there is a contact form in the footer.