How to post picture in your blog

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                                                                How to post picture in your blog

For people new to RepRap and really want to post some god pictures of their works, here are the steps to uploaded a picture.

First you click this in the read circle 122222.jpg

and this is what will show Up 5555552.jpg

What I do is just rename what ever you want to replace the text "Example" make it a bit complicated so that other people's picture wont show up in your post.

After you finish this click on the "Save page bottom" 31113.jpeg

and this is what you see in your Post and just click on it 5565468.jpg

and then this page will show up to allow you to pick the picture you want to upload it has to match the name you just changed1233123.jpg

then click Upload 13456.jpg

If all the files name are correct, you should be able to get your picture seen in the post