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Naming convention for self-labeled physical parts

I've been thinking about how we're going to organize the (post)mediawiki. Because 1) I seem to have elected myself "Seniormost Library Gnome" and 2) because I have no idea how we're going to do it yet.

And it's a bit tricky. So I'm awake at 5:28 AM. Which means I'll ask you guys to sort it out. So I can go to sleep, knowing that in the morning, this riddle will be solved, and I can file this thread a week or two from now inside "Library Administration and Announcements" []

First idea: a suggested-if-you-feel-like-it RepRap house style, for self-labeled parts.

Say we have

Maybe it gets a 2D barcode, using whatever's most popular and works: Wikipedia:2D_barcode

But, speaking as a human. I think human-readable is important, speaking as a human. But it also gets the URL of the part. Because then the part contains its documentation.

So: but that's too long, so ... everyone knows it's, and we don't need "wiki", so Mendel/Wiget but that doesn't look stylish enough, so maybe [[Mendel/Widget]] To indicate wiki-ness. One of the last two. It's an idea. Thoughts? Like it? Hate it?

One reason it will be handy is that a lot of folk just google stuff. So they look at something, type in Mendel/Widget, and it will work.

But also because the part is bonded to its documentation a bit more neatly. And people who edit the wiki will get it instantly. [[Mendel/Widget]] = Mendel/Widget

Unless we want to file everything using a n-digit 36 character code, but it's utterly impossible to enforce that even though it scales better. [[5ceae3ce3klnwerynjry3mbq]] .... Bleeeergh. Nope.

So, is this good enough for the suggested-if-you-feel-like-it RepRap house style until we figure out something cleaner and more elegant?

I'll start a new thread for the hard question. This was the easy one.

Naming convention for multi-lingual Wiki pages

The templates Template:Not English and Template:Languages encourage one specific naming convention for multi-lingual Wiki pages -- i.e., a group of pages that are more or less "the same page" translated into other languages.

I think we all benefit when we make it easy for people to post ways to improve RepRap, even people who don't speak a word of English.

(FIXME: Has there been discussion of multi-lingual wiki pages on RepRap? If so, please link to it here?)

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