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Helium Frog Delta Robot

Release status: unknown

HeliumFrog Delta Robot
CAD Models
Yes (See Website)
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The Helium Frog Delta Robot is being developed to examine the possibility of a self replicating delta style robot. The initial design will be used as a test bed for software development and to establish the accuracy of the mechanism compared to the RepRap Mendel.

Initially the robot will be equiped with a pen holder or similar to measure the accuracy and in further developments an extruder will be added.

The working envelope is 200mm diameter by 200mm high

The electronic system is likely to be Arduino Mega based. Stepper motor drivers will be pololu based. The motors will be Nema 17 Model(SY42STH47-1684B)

CAD Design

The design work is bieng carried out on Catia V5 and will enable a full envelope clash study and to check the limits of movement for the flexible "Rose" joints. CAD Models in .stl format are available from the Helium Frog website.

Current Status

Development on the robot has now ceased See Links for derivatives of this robot.

For the initial build log see the Helium Frog website here

The robot was fully functioning and was capable of translating G1 and G92 codes into XYZ movement. It proved that a reprapped delta robot was possible.

A video of the robot working can be seen at the following link:-

Helium Frog Delta Robot - First Steps





Johann Rocholl has developed a much improved derivative of this machine which is capable of 3D printing. Please follow the link below for the latest developments.

There is discussion and concurrent work streams in both English and German. Please see the links below for further information.