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Often the files for an amazingly useful thing will be copied to many different places:


  • The Community
  • The Official Repository
  • Forum Attachments
  • Google Groups attachments like "That Guy in Michigan's Eiffel Photographs"
  • Mister Bunny's Blog.
  • Thingiverse
  • MakerBot
  • The Place Zach put stuff when he deleted the Gen 4 Electronics from Thingiverse and MakerBot.
  • Bits From Bytes
  • Google Warehouse
  • The Community, under a different filename in a different place.
  • Other Spaces asserting that "keeping track of this is not a Community responsibility, or this is Not RepRap".

The problem

If the files for some useful thing are identical in every place, then there is really no problem. However, often each place will have slightly different files, which leads to confusion over which one is the "best" one to use -- and to use as a starting point for further improvements.

Example: Talk:Microcontroller firmware installation#The Massively Forked Firmware


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