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Emergency stop is mandatory for industrial machine (EN ISO 13850)

An Emergency Stop is defined as a fail-safe control switch or circuit that, when de-energized, will stop the operation of associated equipment and will shut off all potential hazards outside the main power enclosure.

Emergency Stops, or “E-Stops”, are a special type of pilot device that perform the emergency shutdown operation on a machine or electrical system. E-stops are different from a typical “OFF” button in that they must pass a rigorous line of testing and meet a long list of specifications.

Bill of materials

qty part name description/notes
1 Emergency stop with key (RS 342-2576)
1 PCB Relay DPST-NO 30A 24Vdc,flange mount (RS 680-2571)
1 Power Supply,24V 4W Tracopower TMPM04124 (RS 754-1384)
1 TracoPower TMPM04124 BOX with flange File:TracoPower TMPM04124 BOX with flange.stl
1 Double Push Button Switch type: AS-22LED aliexpress.com/snapshot/239363338.html
10 M3x10 screw kit
* power cables