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Graber i3

Release status: Working

Prusa i3 est un projet mené par S.Graber (This is Prusa i3, only almost all parts in MDF)
CAD Models
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This is a stub for the Graber i3: [DXF and SketchUp files available]

Laser cut parts can be ordered here:

and here:

The Graber i3's design is uniquely suited towards building it with a laser cutter or even a simple CNC cutting machine, such as the Shapeoko. It derives from the original Prusa i3 design, and replaces all 3D-printed parts for completely wooden ones.

Build volume: 200 x 200 x 200 mm

Bill of Materials

This list may be incomplete! 

The metric figures below are meant to be equivalent to their imperial counterpart - they might not be an exact fit. M3 nuts will be to small for the provided slots (thus the strikethrough); M5 nuts would be wide enough, but the screw holes only have a diameter of 3.5mm. One possible solution is to use M3 nuts+M3 washers. Find some M3 washers that have an outer diameter of 8mm, and use one washer per screw to make it a secure fit.

If you are laser-cutting the wooden pieces yourself, you will need two 810 x 460mm pieces of 6mm thick MDF.

Threaded rods
Qty Metric Imperial
2 M5 x 292mm 5mm x 11.5" (Z-Axis)
2 M8 x 51mm 5/16" x 2" (y-belt idler)
Smooth rods
Qty Metric Imperial
2 8mm x 317mm 8mm x 12.5" (Z-Axis)
2 8mm x 342mm 8mm x 13.5" (Y-Axis)
2 8mm x 400mm 8mm x 15 3/4" (X-Axis)
Qty Metric Imperial
15 M3 x 10mm (for stepper motors)
6 M3 x 13mm 6-32 x 0.5"
41 M3 x 19mm 6-32 x 3/4"
4 M3 x 20mm (Heated Bed)
3 M3 x 25mm (RAMPS mount)
2 M3 x 25mm 6-32 x 1"
4 M3 x 32mm 6-32 x 1,1/4" (X-Car)
8 M3 x 38mm 6-32 x 1,1/2"
1 M8 x 30mm
1 M8 x 40mm
Qty Metric Imperial
7 M3 Nut Nylon Insert
61 M3 Nut Nylon Insert Nut 6-32 Nylon Insert
2 M5 Nut
2 M8 Nut Nut 5/16"
Qty Metric Imperial
6 M3 Washers Washers 6-32
2 M8 Washers Washers 5/16"
Other Parts
Qty Item
4 Spring (heated bed mount)
7 Zip Tie 4"
2 bearing 608zz (for Y and X idler)
2 Flexible 5 mm x 5 mm Shaft Coupling OR 20mm lenth of PVC Tubing (Z-Axis)
10 LM8UU linear bearing
1 Extruder w/ 0.3mm Nozzle for 1.75mm Filament w/ 100k NTC
1 Wade Gear
2m (7 feet) GT2 belt 6mm width
2 GT2 20-Tooth Pulley 5mm Shaft
Qty Item
1 Mega2560 R3 ATmega2560
1 RAMPS 1.4
1 MK2B Dual Power PCB Heat Bed
3 Micro Switch (end stops)
1 RAMPS 1.4 LCD12864 Intelligent Controller LCD Control Board (optional, for standalone operation)
5 Nema 17 Stepper motor
5 A4988 Stepper Motor Drive Module
1 12V 15A power supply unit