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GLKLN Documentation
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Release status: working

GLKLN designed by Konstantin Gulitski.
CAD Models
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The main idea of this printer is to create a new design of a 3D printer with a cubic cartesian scheme which includes as many as possible parts from plastic. I.e. it supports the RepRap concept to create some kind of easy reproducible 3d printer to make it more achievable for a wide engineer society. One of the main concepts is that all plastic parts designed to be printed by one hotend 3d printer without using supports.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit [1] or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.


Working volume (max) 240mm (X) x 290mm (Y) x 310mm (Z)
Working volume (nominal) 220mm (X) x 220mm (Y) x 210mm (Z)
Working materials PLA, ABS, others
Nominal Speed 120mm/sec
Max Speed 200 mm/s (depending on the object to be printed)
Filament 1.75mm
Configuration XYZ Cartesian drive using stepper motors
Computer interface USB
Layer thickness Adjustable 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm
Material handling Two fixed material deposition extruders
Hotend nozzle size 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm
Positioning accuracy XY 0.1 mm
Motherboard Makerbase MKS Gen L V1.0
Power supply 25A/12V DC, 300W
Firmware Marlin
Host SW Repetier-Host
Exterior dimensions 528 mm wide x 541 mm deep x 433 mm high
Weight about 18 Kg
Cost < $300 (USD)

Main features/improvements

  1. Cubic construction – Strong and Stable
    • The cubic construction is still to be the most strong construction that provides the best quality at the cheaper cost.
  2. Simple construction – The hotbed Z-axes are the part of the construction
    • Four vertical cornels of cubic construction are the Z-axes of the hotbed. It decreases the number of parts and cost.
  3. The Hotbed can be increased – up to 240mm x 290mm
    • The nominal hotbed is 220mm x 220mm. You can upgrade up to 240mm x 290mm.
  4. The Z-axis can be increased – up to 310mm
    • The nominal Z-axis has a 310 mm length. You can upgrade up to 350mm.
  5. The belt connection is simple and confident.
  6. Almost all parts of construction made of plastic.


This is the first version that represents the nominal configuration. Several parts planned to be developed such as a cable holder, filament roller holders, ventilation system for hotends. The development of the GLKLN is hosted on the: GitHub.

Printed Parts

files for the printed parts are available on the: GitHub.

Corner LU – Front Left Upper Corner: 1 pcs
Corner LU.png

Corner LU B – Back Left Upper Corner: 1 pcs.
Corner LU B.png

Corner RU F – Front Right Upper Corner: 1 pcs.
Corner RU F.png

Corner RU B – Back Right Upper Corner: 1 pcs.
Corner RU B.png

Corner L – Lower Corner: 4 pcs.
Corner L.png

Corner B1 – Corners of the hotbed: 4 pcs.
Corner B1.png

Cross – Hotbed cross 1 pcs.

Wheel holder: The holder for X-axis timing wheels, 2pcs.
Wheel holder.png

Motor Holder 1: The holder for Z-axis motors, 2pcs.
Motor Holder 1.png

Front panel: The panel for Screen 2004, 1pcs.
Front panel.png

Front Train: The front carriage, 1pcs.
Front Train.png

Extruder Flap: 1pcs.
Extruder Flap.png

Cap MkB: The upper panel over MKB, 1pcs.
Cap MkB.png

Back Train: The back carriage, 1pcs.
Back Train.png

Y Train body: The carriage, 1pcs.
Y Train body.png

End Stop holder: 6pcs if you want to use two end-stop switches for each axis.
End Stop holder.png

Timing belt holder: The holder required for fixing the timing belt end. 6pcs.
Timing belt holder.png

Side panel: The panel for all four sides of the printer, 4pcs.
Side panel.png

Side panel lead: The connector between the side panel and the profiles of upper and lower frames. 14pcs.
Side panel lead.png

The side panel assembly
Side panel ass.png

Side panel lead L: The connector between the backside panel and the upper frame profile at left. 1pcs.
Side panel lead L.png

Side panel lead R: The connector between the backside panel and the upper frame profile at right. 1pcs
Side panel lead R.png

The back side panel assembly. 1pcs
Side panel back ass.png

Power Supply Holder: The holder for power supply cable connector with fuse, 1pcs.
Power Supply Holder.png

Power Supply Holder Cap: The cap of the holder for power supply cable connector with fuse, 1pcs.
Power Supply Holder Cap.png

Extruder Holder: 1pcs.
Extruder Holder.png

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The updated version of the BOM can be downloaded from the project repository on the: GitHub

Electrcal parts

Stepper Motors

The GLKLN printer uses 6 stepper motors:

  • 42BYGH40 motor - 2pcs, for X and Y axes.
  • 42BYGH48 motor - 2pcs, for two extruders.
  • 42BYGH34 motor - 2pcs, for Z-axis which is synchronized by connection to one Z-axis driver through Dual Z Stepper Motor Adapter.

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver With Heat sink is used for all motors. Each one configured for 1/16 subdividing step.

Controller Electronics

The nominal model of the GLKLN printer is based on the MKS-GEN L V1.0 motherboard. However, it can be used any other motherboard which supports the 6 motors and two extruders. The 2004 LCD Display RepRapDiscount Smart Controller is used for autonomy printer control.


V6 Dual Nozzle 2 In 2 Out Double Head with 3010 Fun.

Heated Bed

HotBed is Aluminium 220mm x 220mm x 3mm.

Filament Holder

The Filament holder under development and shall be added in the future. Currently, the filament can be put close to the feeders.

Full Assembly Instruction

The updated version of the Full Assembly Instruction can be downloaded from the project repository on the: GitHub