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Release status: working

An affordable aluminum-framed CoreXY printer.
CAD Models
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FuseBox is a low-cost CoreXY 3D printer that uses a 1515 aluminum extrusion frame. Capable of printing at high resolutions and high speeds owing to its CoreXY kinematics, it produces quality parts that are up to 200x200x200mm in size.


To design an affordable and accessible 3D printer using CoreXY kinematics that offers high speed and quality. The printer must be able to be built without specialized tools.


  • Aluminum structure based on Misumi 1515 extrusions and printed brackets
  • Stacked variant of CoreXY that eliminates the belt crossing and its associated issues
  • Total materials cost under $350
  • 210x195x200mm build area (200x200x200 for heated bed version)
  • Capable of 0.05mm layer height and 150+ mm/s printing
  • Emphasis on using 3D-printed parts and being easily hackable/upgradeable
  • Relatively low amount of filament needed for plastic components
  • Provision for direct and Bowden extruder setups (currently only Bowden is supported in latest version)
  • Low moving mass—all motors stationary except extruder motor in direct-drive version
  • Portable—all hardware and electronics (except for filament spool) are integrated within the frame
  • No specialized tools or equipment necessary for assembly (accessible)

Bill of Materials

Printed Parts

Printed part STLs are available at [1] or as exports from the SketchUp file.

Other Parts

Item Quantity Note
1515 Extrusion 380mm 4
1515 Extrusion 330mm 2
1515 Extrusion 345mm 4
1515 Extrusion 300mm 2
1515 Extrusion 250mm 2
1515 Extrusion 152mm 1
1515 Extrusion 386mm 2 Optional but highly recommended for greater rigidity
Misumi part HBLTBS3 Metal Bracket 6 Optional for greater x-axis rigidity
M3x6mm Bolt 150 Rough estimate, will update with accurate numbers
M3x10mm Bolt 6
M3x25mm Bolt 4
M3 Nut 150 Rough estimate, will update with accurate numbers
M5x25mm Bolt 6
M5 Locknut 6
625 Bearing 9
250mm M8 Threaded Rod 1
300mm M8 Smooth Rod 6
LM8LUU Linear Bearing 6
5mm to 8mm Flex Coupler 1
GT2 Belt 3m 1
20 Tooth GT2 Pulley 2
Bed Leveling Springs 4
RAMPS 1.4 1
Arduino Mega 1
NEMA-17 Stepper Motors 4 Tested with 76 oz-in steppers
12V LED Power Supply 1 Tested with a 30A supply, 20A should work
40mm 12V Fan 2
MK8 Drive Gear 1
Medium Binder Clip 2 Remove handles to use as extruder idler tensioners
E3D Lite6 or v6 Hotend 1
8"x10"x 0.125" Glass Sheet 1 Used as a cheap and rigid PLA printbed; heated bed available
PCB Heatbed 1
Mechanical Endstop 3
Stick-on Furniture Feet 4 Optional - makes printer quieter and doesn't scratch the surface it sits on


Version 1.0

Initial variant. Uses a non-intersecting CoreXY design to eliminate belt crossing issues.


  • Z-axis issues—slight wobble and linear bearing binding
  • Slight rigidity issues caused by weak corner joints
  • Extruder grip issues leading to inconsistent extrusion
  • Untidy wiring


  • Endstop integration (possibly with inductive z-probe)
  • Cooling fan addition to improve bridging and top speed for small parts
  • Bowden option for lower moving mass (will retain direct extruder for flexible materials)
  • Diagonal aluminum braces on sides
  • Reduce clearances for additional build area

Version 1.1

Extruder carriage and fan duct


  • New compact extruder design with more solid hot end mount and fan duct addition
  • Bowden extruder carriage designed; cold end still in development
  • 608 bearing idler replaced by a 625 idler
  • XY-gantry made more compact, resulting in ~18mm increase in maximum z-axis height
  • Z axis changes: bar spacing reduced, additional reinforcement for z-nut crosspiece


  • Slight z-wobble
  • Rigidity
  • 625 Idler breakage problem


  • Additional bracing
  • Endstop integration


Uses a bowden extruder and replaces Aluhotend V6 with an E3D-Lite6. New idler design improves strength and extrusion consistency.

Version 1.2

FuseBox 1.2 Render


  • New Y Bar attachments using 1 bolt each
  • Integrates bowden extruder and print fan
  • Larger corner braces
  • Cross braces on sides
  • Endstop integration
  • Added option for 30mm hotend cooling fan
  • 10mm additional x-axis travel


  • Minor bed shake (worse at higher z-heights)

Version 1.2h


  • Heated bed support
  • Wider z-rod spacing to accommodate heated bed
  • Additional z-axis bracing
  • Adjustable z-endstop
  • Additional y-axis travel
  • Replaced corner brackets with flat plates on lower x-axis


  • Inductive autolevel probe?

Version 1.3


  • Unheated and heated bed versions use same z-axis design
  • Certain parts made thicker to reduce chance of breakage
  • Corner brackets reinforced
  • New z-nut mount with reduced warp during printing and reduced backlash
  • Z-axis motor mount interlocks with bottom rod mount to simplify alignment
  • Printer made 10mm more compact; gantry rods more strongly held in x-ends


  • Z-axis consistency: Seems to be caused by slight binding in the LM8UU pairs affecting movement, producing an effect similar to z-wobble, without a regular pattern. Going to try using single LM8LUU's on each side instead.


  • Z-axis fix

Version 1.4

Extruded aluminum lengths
Extruded aluminum lengths for bed

Resolves issues from 1.3 and earlier to improve print quality and simplify assembly. New LM8LUU z-axis results in smoother movement and less banding.


  • Hotend mount tolerances increased for easier mounting
  • Extruder pin tolerance increased to reduce chance of breakage during assembly
  • Increased size of bed mount bolt holes
  • Hex nut guides for bed mount nuts
  • Squared back edges of z rod mounts for less warping/easier alignment
  • Strengthened z-endstop mount
  • Strengthened right x-end to reduce chance of breakage during assembly
  • Added labels to SketchUp file to aid assembly
  • Dual LM8LUU z-axis instead of quad LM8UU - increases smoothness and greatly reduces banding - highly recommended upgrade


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