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ABS and PLA from

Date: 10, Feburay 2012

Quantity ordered:

1.5kg Black, 3mm ABS 1.5kg White, 1.75mm ABS 1.5kg Red, 3mm PLA 1.5kg Natural, 1.75m PLA

@cost: 48USD for 1.5kg material (excluding the spool) plus shipping $6.99 Total=48+6.99=54.99, that is, 36.67USD/kg or 16.67USD/pound.


  • Fast shipping for USA directly. Got it in 6 days.
  • Trutable website - Amazon
  • High availability of stock
  • Clean extrusion and melt at expected temperature.

Cons: Not found so far. Will report if I see any during the usage.

Other comments: I would continue to buy if there is no probelm withe ABS/PLA plastic.