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Reviews for: fabber-parts (Template)
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Some outrageous bad reviews about this company exist:,476050 and,198578

(New Entry Template)

Date Material(s) Shape/Delivered Thickness (mm) Measured thickness (mm) Quantity Delivered amount Costs (kg) Costs (Meter) Destination & shipping costs Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
date ABS HDPE PE PLA PP PVC shape Xmm Ymm Zkg ???kg xyz/kg - shipping x/10 Notes


2012-08-20 PLA round/round 3mm +- 0.1mm 2.90 2.92 3.05 1kg ???kg 22€/kg ?? Germany 2/10 Has some dents and bends, not very good quality, doesn't stick very well to the printing bed. Blobs and has strings when making jumps. Once the initial layer is printed, it works, but print results are medium quality. German hints at wiki