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Reviews for: RepRap-Wallmart/Reprapper (Template)
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(Answer Template)
Date Material(s) Shape/Delivered Thickness (mm) Measured thickness (mm) Quantity Delivered amount Costs (kg) Costs (Meter) Destination & shipping costs Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
May 29 2013 PLA round 3mm Ymm 1kg 1.226kg ~$34/kg - free on Amazon 3/10 Will not stick to print bed or itself. Sometimes, it works okay, most of the time, it winds up as a glob of goo around the extruder. While you can't beat the price, I will not be buying this again.

-Thedingwing 02:40, 30 May 2013 (UTC).

25, June 2012 ABS PLA shape 1.75mm & 3mm(?) Ymm 50kg ???kg ? - ? ? Ordered 50kg of assorted ABS and PLA with local user group in may.

The yellow, orange and green require a higher temperature. Some of the 1.75 is a little inconsistent. Overall still very happy and have since purchased some glow in the dark PLA. Sublime.

25, April 2012 ABS&PLA? Round/round 3mm 2.95mm 2kg ???kg ? - ? ?? Pros:
  • Extrudes at expected temperatures 185c - 210c
  • Wide color selection
  • High availability of stock
  • Clean extrusion, have not found air pockets or contaminates
  • Much more flexible than 4043D PLA (thought it may have been ABS)

Cons: None yet!

Bottom line: I'm happy with this plastic and will buy again.


April 20 ABS&PLA Inconsistent 1.75mm & 3mm Black 1.75 was 1.4mm-2.6mm ? ???kg ? - shipping ? Received one week later (been using it for a month) I also tried repraper, found filament to be more inconsistent than promised. Black 1.75 was 1.4mm-2.6mm with blobs that would jam the feed tube luckily before the barrel. Also got some 3mm that had a strange coating on it and was very hard to stick on first layer. Friend of mine tried it, and it gummed up his hobbed bolt within 2 prints. We had good luck with the Orange 1.75 until it got to 1.60mm and rolled off the idler. 200px for an example of how bad it is. Simon's only reply was "You got the bad one, 10% off next order?"

I can NOT recommend this filament, cheap is not good, good is not cheap. The pictures on their site are NOT accurate of what they send. DO NOT USE THIS FILAMENT VENDOR

-Max Inux.

March PLA ?? 1.75mm White and Natural PLA ? ? ???kg ? - ? ? I emailed them regarding what resin they use in their PLA and they claim that they use Natureworks material. The white PLA's colour is nice, a clean platinum white. Average diameter which I measured is 1.68mm. Sticks very well on hot glass and kapton.

Personally, I'm very happy with this filament, especially for the price.

OoiTY (fixed naming declarations, ooity loves it, max inux says to avoid - AVOID)