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Date Material(s) Shape/Delivered Thickness (mm) Measured thickness (mm) Quantity Delivered amount Costs (kg) Costs (Meter) Destination & shipping costs Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
date ABS HDPE PE PLA PP PVC shape Xmm Ymm Zkg ???kg xyz/kg - shipping x/10 Notes


2012-05-21 PLA spooled 3mm 2.854mm 3lb 4lb US$11/lb (US$25/kg) - $13 6/10 Generously overweight, but not great PLA. Asked beforehand if it was the same stuff they printed with. Didn't really get a chance to print with it until recently as I purchased while prices were starting to skyrocket and I wanted to stockpile for fear I wouldn't be able to buy later. Now that I'm using it, it's pretty rough. Purchased black, blue, and "purple", which turned out to be pink. Very difficult to get to stick, leaves behind an oily residue on my glass which Ultimachine and Ultimaker PLA does not, and explains the poor adhesion. This poor adhesion makes it much more prone to lifting. Prints decently with care, experimental tweaking, and many retries. Black had extrusion markings along the length of the plastic which required some diameter "fudging" in slicer to get the volume correct. Not sure if it's improved since I'm printing with it months after purchase.