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Reviews for: wtuymqve (Xin Yu Da Plastic) (Template)
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(Answer Template)
Date Material(s) Shape/Delivered Thickness (mm) Measured thickness (mm) Quantity Delivered amount Costs (kg) Costs (Meter) Destination & shipping costs Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
October 2012 ABS and PLA round 1.75mm ~1.67-1.72mm 1kg 1kg $42/kg - included via FedEx 8/10 Very nice to deal with via email, I asked for a kilogram of whatever remnants they had so I could try lots of colors, and they were happy to oblige. (I asked for no spools, and built several of thing 33492 to spool them on myself.) I'm not super excited about the white color (MakerBot's white is more vibrant) but other than that quite happy. Extruding ABS at 210c.