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Date Material(s) Shape/Delivered Thickness (mm) Measured thickness (mm) Quantity Delivered amount Costs (kg) Costs (Meter) Destination & shipping costs Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
11/13/2012 PLA So far, the roundness seems very consistent 3.00mm Have not yet measured 1 spool natural, 1 spool blue 1kg of each $36/kg - Free 10/10 Found them from a posting in the reprap for sale forums. While the price of their filament being much cheaper than most gave me initial pause, I have thus far been quite pleasantly surprised. The order came quickly via USPS Priority Mail (Ordered Monday evening and received it on Thursday). The PLA sticks to the bed well and the prints have come out consistent. I've found that the natural prints best at 195C first layer/190C for the rest of the print. I initially had some issues attempting to print with blue at this temperature, but once I upped the temperature to 205C/200C it printed brilliantly. Will update further on any other findings I come across with MatterHackers filament.


02/27/2013 PLA Good 3.00mm 2.94 +/- .04 1 spool Orange, 1 spool Blue, 1 spool Red, 1 spool White 1kg of each $38/kg - Free 7/10 Summary: Good, but all very translucent colors. Not the solid vibrant colors I was expecting. Desc.: The order was shipped very promptly, and the filament is a good value for the cost. Eminently usable, although a little more brittle (orange, red and blue, espec.) than other suppliers I've tried. The only surprise for me was in how translucent all of the colors (except white) were. The colors are very light, and don't approximate the vibrance the photos on the website convey. You can see infill details right through printed walls up to 1mm thick on all printed surfaces. The white spool was opaque, though, and exactly as expected. I'd use them again, knowing what to expect. I just wish they'd list the colors as "translucent orange, translucent blue, etc." in the web page descriptions.


03/04/2013 PLA Good 1.75 1.75 1 spool natural, 1 spool blue 1kg/ea (not measured) $37/kg - Free, very fast (ordered Friday, delivered Saturday) 10/10 No complaints. Blue filament is translucent as mentioned. Prints in natural PLA seem harder than typical. Company offers a printing service that is very inexpensive.


April 2014 Pro Series Silver PLA Round 1.75mm 1.75 ± ~.05 1kg spool (not measured) $44/kg - Free, fast 10/10 Prints well at 195C/185C with a .35mm nozzle. Seems to be significantly more glossy at higher temperatures/lower speeds and matte at lower temp/higher speed (fairly normal for PLA I think). Silver color is a slightly metallic light gray (not a bad thing, but a lot lighter than it looks in their picture), completely opaque.