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Date Material(s) Shape/Delivered Thickness (mm) Measured thickness (mm) Quantity Delivered amount Costs (kg) Costs (Meter) Destination & shipping costs Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
Sept 26 and Oct 17, 2011 PLA shape 3mm about 2.8mm 5kg of 3mm PLA, 2kg black (opaque) and 1kg each of green, yellow and orange (translucent) ???kg xyz/kg - ?? ?? This was a discount sale as the plastic coloration was not perfect (they were testing), resulting in faint colors (the black is gray, the translucent ones are more translucent than expected).

The shipping time was excellent (I think it made it to France in less than a week). The black PLA is made of 2 hard paper spools with a plastic core, while the other colors were in coils. Every individual piece was under its own sealed plastic bag with a desiccant. Pictures to come. The total weight of plastic delivered is a little above the ordered 5Kg. Fair.

Test of the black PLA :

  • Consistent diameter centered around about 2.8mm. Never goes over 3.0mm. Good point for Bowden cable
  • Very soft, difficult to break by binding. Good point for Bowden cable.
  • Sticks very well on build surface, even on non heated glass. But doesn't stick well on itself.
  • Not much warping encountered so far with a glass bed at room temperature, only on large prints.
  • Takes a bit longer than other PLA to solidify once extruded (probably explain the good sticking). This might make overhangs and bridging more difficult to achieve.
  • Some slight bendings present in the roll. Not a problem, still goes through my Bowden cable.
  • Seems to contain some moisture (emit a little white smoke from time to time during extrusion, especially at the beginning). Did not try drying in an oven yet.
  • Is too liquid once melted, leading to problems with high speed or thin layer prints - I have to experiment with lower temperatures to see if that helps. Bad adhesion between layers.
  • It stinks during extrusion. Wonder if there is only PLA inside ?

Test of the green and yellow translucent PLAs :

  • Diameter is fine to go through the bowden cable. Measurements to come.
  • Less soft than the opaque one.
  • Sticks a bit less than the black opaque, but much better at bridging/overhangs.
  • Warps less than the opaque PLA (IE nearly not at all).
  • A bit brittle, the filament might break into the bowden tube (which renders retract impossible to achieve).
  • UPDATE : it becomes more and more brittle with time (maybe because it's winter now) to the point of not being usable anymore (even on non bowden extruders).

I changed my mind and would NOT buy again that PLA - the translucent because it breaks too much, and the opaque both because of its printing quality and the fact it's probably a recycled one with garbage that maybe an health hazard.

Moreover, it seems esunpla is servicing more and more resellers, so you might end up with buying his PLA without knowing. Ask your reseller before buying (and consider an absence of answer as a 'yes', looks like some resellers are trying to hide their source). -DeuxVis.

July 30 2011 ABS shape 1.75mm 1.67mm -1.77mm
(majority is between 1.68 and 1.71mm)
5lbs/~2.3kg ???kg xyz/kg - ?? ?? Ordering was fairly straightforward, but you are currently limited to whatever color they happen to have on hand, or a minimum 20KG order and some additional wait time.

From the time I sent the money via paypal, it took 13 days to receive the package in Pennsylvania, USA.

There were a few issues at the customs office when it entered the country, as the shipping company they used did not do some of the necessary paperwork. After a short phone conversation and faxing a copy of the original invoice (along with a simple form) everything was sorted out without delay.

The filament feels like it weighs 5lbs, and is the same physical size as makerbot's 5lb coils so I'm assuming I didn't get short changed there.

The filament measures from 1.67mm -1.77mm. The vast majority is between 1.68 and 1.71mm. It has a uniform, smooth surface almost without exception.

There are about a dozen small black spots on the surface of the filament. They look like tiny black abs shavings, and extrude through my .35mm nozzle without issue.

I had to dry the filament for 1hr at 100C in an oven, since it was oozing quite a bit when idle in the extruder. After that, and adjusting my extruder/software for the 1.7mm filament, I started Printing.

The temperature to extrude this filament needed to be set to 270C. (255C is what I use for makerbot filament)

It seems to extrude very well. Overhangs/bridges are also quite successful. I was extruding it up to 60mm/s with a .35 layer height and 1.3 w/t.

I hear 1kg spools are now available in paper and plastic. -Andrew Diehl

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