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Egyptian RepRap Project By Osama Kamal

PLAKAT PlyWood Kit 3D Printer will be the 1st to officially publish as the "Egyptian RepRap Project".

PLAKAT is designed by "Osama Kamal" (The Founder of SHISAN for Digital Fabrication).

The Egyptian RepRap Community will take this page as a reference for the PLAKAT Open Source Design.

All the documentation needed to build this 3D Printer will be published on this page.

This project will depend on Osama/SHISAN (Designer & Manufacturer), FABLAB Egypt (Community), and UGE Electronics (component supplier).

No other parties than the listed above has the authority to use the name of "PLAKAT" or "Egyptian RepRap Project" unless they can meet/accept the rules that will be published here.

For the off-line interaction: You can attend the monthly workshop provided by the above partners to learn how to do it by your bare hands.

To build your PLAKAT we will pass through these stages:

  • The Mechanical Design.
  • The Extruder.
  • The Electronics.
  • The Firm-Ware.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

The Mechanical Design

It can be roughly broken down into 4 parts:

  1. Box Frame.
  2. Table or Building Plate (Z-Axis).
  3. The Gantry (X-Axis).
  4. The top moving mechanism (Y-Axis).

The Extruder

There are two types of extruders we can use:

  1. Direct Drive Extruders (used in the current Design).
  2. External or Bowden Extruders (we can upgrade to this one first).

The Electronics

We depend on the famous RAMPS and Arduino Mega set to run our PLAKAT, let's talk a little about them:

  1. Arduino ??.
  2. RAMPS1.4 ??.
  3. Stepper Motor Drivers.

The Firm-Ware

We will use an already made open-source code and modify it to fit to our PLAKAT:

  1. Marlin Firm-Ware.

Bill of Materials (BOM) click this link to go to the bill of materials needed to build your PLAKAT

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