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EZStruder Cold End
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EZStruder by SeeMeCNC.com EZStruder Mount Drawing.png


The EZStruder is a compact and versatile Cold End direct drive by SeeMeCNC. A design by PartDaddy & John Oly of SeeMeCNC. The EZStruder Cold End is manufactured by classic thermoplastic injection molding and CNC machining processes. The design is based on other RepRap style drives, including "Minimalistic Mk8 replacement" by whosawhatis, 10-JAN-2012, Thingiverse. Development advice and credits to Shane Graber and Brian VanDiepenbos. For the EZStruder, PartDaddy captures the spring and filament between the idler arm lever and motor mounting plate; where as many previous designs pass the filament through a hole in the lever.

The EZStruder Cold End Kit is comprised of two individual assemblies. The top drive assembly and cold end adapter assembly. The "top drive assembly" has the spring loaded idler arm and motor mount plate. The filament is fed down between the idler arm (red) and motor mounting plate until it is pinched between the idler ball bearing (R2ZZ) and typical RepRap style hobbed drive roller. The "cold end assembly" is a PartDaddy original and will work with any RepRap groove-mount style Hot End or Prusa Hot Ends. The EZStruder groove is based on the popular J Head Nozzle specifications. PartDaddy further designed the Cold End parts to be compatible with 1.75 or 3mm filament. The EZStruder Kit includs a bowden cable adapter and is tapped M5 x .8 for accepting a 4mm tube OD push to connect fitting. Two holes on either side of the hot end allow for mounting and clamping of the extruder.


BOM & Files & Credits

File:EZStruder Drawing.pdf

File:EZStruder STLs.zip

File:EZStruder SAT.zip

File:EZStruder Hanger for Original Rostock MAX.zip