EMC Full Reprap driving

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EMC full Reprap driving

This page describes how to drive a Reprap using EMC only.


The reprap community has developed some dedicated electronics to drive repraps. These electronics read a G-code file (or receive these codes trough a USB connection), and drive the motors accordingly. At the begining, some special codes (M-codes) where defined to turn on/off the extruder motor. This motor, initially a DC motor, is now a stepper motor, allowing a better control of the extruded filament. So, it is now defined as a normal fourth axis, and driven using standard G-codes. Recent versions of Skeinforge (>=40, I think) can generate these codes.

In fact, a reprap 3D printer is no more than a CNC with a special spindle: a plastic extruder. So, EMC should be able to drive it without too much pain.

XYZ motors

Extruder motor

Hot-end/hot-bed temperatures